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Police Department

The Daingerfield - Lone Star ISD Police Department is a full service, independent, Texas Police Agency.  We are dispatched by the Morris County Sheriff's Office (Non-Emergency: 903-645-2232).  The Daingerfield - Lone Star ISD Police Department has jurisdiction in all areas of the Daingerfield - Lone Star Independent School District and as such, we share jurisdiction and work cooperatively with Daingerfield PD, Lone Star PD, Morris County Sheriff's Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety to ensure a safe school environment for our community's students.
Mission Statement:  It is our mission here at Daingerfield - Lone Star ISD Police Department, in a partnership with all stake holders; to create and maintain a safe, secure environment for our students, and faculty as well as to serve the greater needs of the community by working in synchrony with our schools and other local, state and federal agencies.
DLSISD is a zero tolerance school district and violators will be prosecuted.
A "Drug Free Zone" is defined by the State of Texas, Health and Safety Code (THSC 481.134) as:
(1) in, on, or within 1,000 feet of any real property that is owned, rented or leased to a school or school board, the premises of public or private youth center, or a playground; or
(2) on a school bus.
Selling, Purchasing, Holding, or Consuming items listed in THSC 481.134 on any district property or sanctioned events are enhancements to any applicable charges.
23.00 Racial Profiling Policy
23.01 Purpose:
The purpose of the policy is to reaffirm the Daingerfield - Lone Star ISD Police Department's commitment to unbiased policing in all of it's encounters between officer and any person; to reinforce procedures that serve to ensure public confidence and mutual trust through the provision of services in a fair and equitable fashion; and to protect our officers from unwarranted accusations of misconduct when they act within the dictates of departmental policies and the law.
23.02 Policy:
It is the policy of this department in a proactive manner and, to investigate suspected violations of the law.  Officers shall actively enforce state and federal laws in a responsible and professional manner, without regard to race, ethnicity, or national origin.  Officers are strictly prohibited from engaging in racial profiling as defined in this policy.  This policy shall be applicable to all persons, whether drivers or passengers or pedestrians.
Officers shall conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner at all times when dealing with the public.  Two of the fundamental rights guaranteed by both the United States and Texas Constitutions are equal protection under the law and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures by government agents.  The right of all persons to be treated equally and to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures must be respected.  Racial Profiling is an unacceptable patrol tactic and it will not be condoned.  This policy shall not prelude officers from offering assistance, such as upon observing a substance leaking from a vehicle, a flat tire, or someone who appears to be ill or confused.  Nor does this policy prohibit stopping someone who is suspected of a crime based upon observed actions and/or information received about a person.
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Joshua Hysom
Chief of Police
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