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The Daingerfield Jr. High Math-Science Team hosted a meet on Saturday, February 10, 2018. Ten teams and approximately 200 students competed in the two divisions. In division I (5A-6A schools), 1st place was Foster; 2nd was Hallsville, and 3rd place was Pine Tree. In division II (1A-4A schools), Atlanta was 1st, 2nd was Queen City, and Daingerfield was 3rd. Other schools competing were Hughes Springs, McLeod, Ore City, and Sabine.

Individuals in the top 10 for DJH were:

Number Sense:                                                                                   8th grade: Jazmin Mendez 1st; Sanaa Fields 6th; Haley Lewis 9th; Julissa Chavez

10th grade: Kylah Haley 5th; Corey Miller 10th                                  

6th grade: Dante Salazar 2nd; Jair Chavez 8th; Taurean Drake 9th


8th grade: Jazmin Mendez 2nd; Haley Lewis 3rd; Sanaa Fields 5th , Jaci Simmons 8th                                                                           7th grade: Kylah Haley 3rd; Harley Scholl 7th                 

6th grade: Taurean Drake 1st; Dante Salazar 6th; Emily Beasley 8th

General Math:                                                                         8th grade: Jazmin Mendez 7th 

7th grade Kylah Haley 9th                                                               

6th grade: Dante Salazar 1st; Taurean Drake 3rd

Coaches: David Brotherton and Pam Scheu

Team members competing at this meet were:

8th graders: Julissa Chavez, Sanaa Fields, Sydney Key, Haley Lewis, Jazmin Mendez, and Jaci Simmons

7th graders: Kylah Haley, Cody Miller, Corey Miller, and Harley Scholl

6th graders: Emily Beasley, Jair Chavez, Taurean Drake, Jalynn Gilstrap, and Dante Salazar   

At the Ore City State Qualifying meet held on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018, nine members of the DJH math-science team qualified to compete at the state meet in 17 events. There are 2 more qualifying meets.

The students that qualified at this meet are:

8thgrade:  Sanaa Fields—Number Sense and Calculator     

Haley Lewis—Number Sense and Calculator

Jazmin Mendez—Number Sense and Calculator

Jaci Simmons--Calculator

7th grade:

Corey Miller—Calculator

Harley Scholl—Calculator

 6th grade:

Jair Chavez—Number Sense

Taurean Drake—Number Sense, Calculator, General Math, and Science                                                  

Dante Salazar—Number Sense, Calculator and General Math


Overall the team placed 4th with Spring Hill 1st, Queen City 2nd and Atlanta 3rd.  

Individuals in the top 10 were:

Number Sense:                                                                                                           8th grade: Jazmin Mendez 4th; Sanaa Fields 5th

6th grade: Dante Salazar 2nd; Taurean Drake 4th; Jair Chavez 10th

Calculator:                                                                                                     8th grade: Jazmin Mendez 2nd; Sanaa Fields 10th

7th grade: Corey Miller 2nd

6th grade: Dante Salazar 8th; Taurean Drake 9th

General Math

8th grade: Jazmin Mendez 6th; Sanaa Fields 9th; Haley Lewis 10th 

6th grade: Dante Salazar 1st; Taurean Drake 8th


6th grade: Taurean Drake 1st; Dante Salazar 7th