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Fifth grade students at South Elementary had the opportunity to attend Sky Ranch March 1-3. This trip was won at a workshop that Mrs. Jennifer Nix, 5th grade science teacher, attended last summer. 


Each day the students had a different topic they were learning or reviewing.  Students enjoyed the outside classrooms as well as the hands on learning that was provided.  Students were able to have free time after their class time was completed.  Many of our students went zip lining for the first time and a few even faced their fears.   The staff at Sky Ranch complimented the group several times about how well behaved the students were. 


In the words of the students:


Jonathan Solis- "We got to see and touch many animals while we learned about their habitats, niche, learned behavior and inherited traits."


Skylar Smith-" I enjoyed the limnology day, because we got to play with a pretend boat and fish. We had to measure and weigh our fish and find the median and mode of the fishes weight and length.  In another activity that day we got to get stuff out of Adventure Pond and figure out what able to live there.  It was made into an experiment which asked if Adventure Pond was safe to swim in or not."


Paige Frazier- "I enjoyed learning about the reptiles and learning about their habitats."


Jackson Graham- "My favorite part was when the teacher told us we had magic powers and we had to close our eyes and they turned on the water sprinklers. That was when we were learning about weathering, erosion, and deposition."


Brisna Ordonez- "I liked the snakes and stuff."


Devin Curtice- " I enjoyed making the rockets and launching them. I also liked the experiment about force using the potato head and zip line."


Jesus Trevino- "The teachers made it interesting and used examples that I could understand better. I liked the way they taught the water cycle and having to chart it with the string."


Destiny Gholston- "I liked the way the teachers talked the rock cycle and showing us the different rocks in the woods. I also liked the song about weathering, erosion, and deposition."