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ELEMENTARY UIL: (held December 1 in Daingerfield)

District 14-AAA UIL

UIL District Elementary Coordinator- Beth Terry, Assistant—Diann Beasley

Elementary Academic Championship Results

1st place- Queen City –478 points

2nd place- Hooks- 330 points

3rd place- Daingerfield- 291 points

4th place- Dekalb- 235 points

5th place- Hughes Springs- 143 points

6th place- Paul Pewitt- 104 points

7th place- Red Lick- 95 points

8th place- New Boston- 78 points


Coach for 2nd Grade Creative Writing—Lesia Lewis

Creative Writing—4th place--Tessa Pollan

Coach for 2nd Grade Storytelling—Tonya Stevens

Storytelling—4th place--Genesis Peel, 5th place--Mattie Phillips

Coach for 2nd Grade Chess—J.D. Davis

2nd Grade Chess—4th place--Mattie Phillips

2nd Grade Chess Team—3rd place—Mattie Phillips, AuhBrie Wells, and Blaze Anderson

Coach for 4th and 5th grade Art Smart:  Kelly Pollan

4th Grade Art Smart- 3rd place individual-  Jesslyn Biles

4th Grade Art Smart- 3rd place team- Jessalyn Biles, Jordan Tigert, & Brayden Williams

5th Grade Art Smart-2nd place individual-Luis Ballesteros

5th Grade Art Smart- 2nd place team- Luis Ballesteros, Jaylynn Gilstrap, & Kevin Carmona

Coach for 3rd -5th grade Chess- J.D. Davis

3rd Grade Chess-1st place individual- Treston Smauley

3rd Grade Chess-  2nd place team-Treston Smauley, Mason Williams, & Jada Harmon

4th Grade Chess-3rd place individual- Ethan Reeder & 6th place ind. Nash Johnson

4th Grade Chess- 2nd place team-Ethan Reeder, Nash Johnson, & Justice Duke

5th Grade Chess-1st place individual- Dante Salazar, 5th place ind.-Brian Taylor &  6th place individual- Taurean Drake

5th Grade Chess- 1st place team-  Salazar, Taylor, & Drake

Coach for Maps, Graphs, & Charts: Sheila Cox

5th Grade Maps, Graphs, & Charts- 5th place individual- Jackson Graham

5th Grade  Maps, Graphs, & Charts- 3rd place team-  Jackson Graham,

Alyssa Hatten, & Khaleb McKnight

Coach for 3rd -5th grade Music Memory Rosie Guest & Donna Smith

3rd Grade Music Memory- 4th place individual- Kimberly Lopez

3rd Grade Music Memory- 3rd place team- Kimberly Lopez, Amaya Nixon, & Austin Jones

4th Grade Music Memory-3rd place team only- Jay’cee Alvarez, Kamryn Lee, Don’taviue Brown, Cason Terry, & Delaney Rawls.  Lee & Rawls received 100 % on their papers.

5th Grade Music Memory-  4th place individual- Stormie Akinsuroju,

                                          5th place individual- Levi Fretwell

5th Grade Music Memory- 2nd place team- Akinsuroju, Fretwell, & Khaleb McKnight

Coach for 4th Grade Number Sense:  Judy Walker

4th Grade Number Sense- 3rd place individual- Evelyn Martinez,

4th place individual- Gavin Edmonds & 5th place individual-Kaidlen Key

4th Grade Number Sense- 1st place team:  Martinez, Edmonds, & Key

Coach for 5th Grade Number Sense:  Michael Rutherford

5th Grade Number Sense- 4th place individual- Taurean Drake,

                                         5th place individual- Dante Salazar

5th Grade Number Sense- 3rd place team-  Drake, Salazar, & Makayla Foster

Coach for 4th Grade Oral Reading:  Diane Brantley

4th Grade Oral Reading- 6th place individual – Monravy Soeung

Coach for 3rd Grade Ready Writing- Amy Waldie

3rd Grade Ready Writing- 5th place individual- Se’riyah Garrett &

                                         6th place individual- Madeline Contreras

Coach for 4th Grade Ready Writing- Annette Tillis

4th Grade Ready Writing- 1st place individual- Kaidlen Key

Coach for 5th Grade Social Studies-  Bruce Harris

5th Grade Social Studies- 3rd place individual- Levi Fretwell

                                         6th place individual- Angela Huffman

5th Grade Social Studies-  2nd place team- Fretwell, Huffman, & Stormie Akinsuroju

Coach for 3rd grade Spelling- Janet Littlefield

3rd Grade Spelling- 5th place individual- Madeline Contreras

Coach for 5th Grade Spelling- Jennifer Nix

5th Grade  Spelling-5th place individual- Angela Huffman



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